Teaching children to be Kingdom People,
with Kingdom Passions,
who fulfill Jesus’ Kingdom Purpose.

At KP3 kids, your child has the opportunity to learn about Jesus on their developmental level:
  • Babies: birth through age 2
  • Preschool: age 3 through age 5
  • Kids: kindergarten through fifth grade

What will my child Learn in KP3 Kids?

We believe that the children who walk through our doors of Pioneer Church should hear the gospel message, feel the love of God, and be able to grow closer to God through their time spent with our leaders.

We strive to teach scripture through creative activities and discussions for both preschool and school-aged children. We want every child to love God’s Word and understand the value of applying it to their lives. They will learn about who God is through games, activities, small groups, and teaching.

What about babies?

We believe every child was made in the image of God and created to love God with all their heart, soul, and strength, and to trust Jesus with their future.

It’s not just babysitting, its a foundation! Your baby will get to play with toys, sing to worship music, and be prayed over by their leaders.

Come visit us

204 W. Decatur St.

Madison NC, 27025

sunday mornings

9:30a – coffee + community

10:00a – worship + pioneer kids

Contact us

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